Who We Are

KEY Termite and Pest Control is the industry leader on the Central Coast. Founded in 1945 by Valton "Val" Key, the company has become known for honesty and integrity. Through the years and through several individual ownerships, the name KEY has remained the symbol of the original vision, "People before Profits." Many pest control companies were founded with such principles, only to put money ahead of the customer and eventually ahead of even their own employees. This improper business view leads to many poor choices. Choices such as a promise of premium service then only to provide hurried service with poor quality materials. Or, management with such high pressure on employees regarding sales numbers, that the employee resorts to outright dishonesty to meet the expectations. Here at KEY we have chosen to remain faithful to the original vision. This has lead to a habit of using the best methods and the best materials for the job at the best price we are able to offer. So, if you are looking for a Pest Control Company that strives to provide their absolute best and will stand behind their work, look no further than KEY Termite and Pest Control.

Company History